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Types of Cellular Phone Ringtones

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Types of Cellular Phone Ringtones There are typically three different types of cellular phone ringtones:

1.monophonic cellular phone ringtones,
2.polyphonic cellular phone ringtones and
3.music cellular phone ringtones. -

Monophonic Cellular Phone:-

Ringtones Presently these are the tones used by the majority of cellular phone services and providers. Monophnonic tones sound is same as like the beeping of a computer. The tunes are simple because the phone can only produce one sound (beep) at a time. The tune of the ringtone is made up of a series of sequential beeps at different frequencies.

Polyphonic Cellular Phone Ringtones:-

Polyphonic means that multiple tones can be played at the same time using instrument sounds such as guitar, drums, electronic piano, etc. Polyphonic cellular phone ringtones are more musical than a monophonic cellular phone ringtone. we can use Polyphonic cellular phone ringtones on cellular phones that have the capability of playing up to 16 separate tones at once. The combination of various cellular phone ringtones creates a harmonic melody.. Newer phones support polyphonic cellular phone ringtones. A polyphonic ringtone doesn't necessarily have to be music at all, they can be any kind of sound, including voices. Often, to be able to add polyphonic ringtones to your phone, you need an internet capable phone and a plan with your wireless carrier that allows internet access. Mobile phone handsets manufacturers have taken full advantage of new technologies to improve speakers in order to produce a better sound quality.

Music Cellular Phone Ringtones:-

It is a new version of cellular phone ringtones, They often called by differrnt names either music cellular phone ringtones, voice tones, realtones or true tones, It takes the help of actual pieces of music, along with sound and good lyrics and the entire song backing music, which includes backing singers. They are usually contained in MP3, WMA,WAV, QCP, or AMR format that can be used as a cellular phone ringtone on many Series 60, Symbian or smartphones. Many cell phone manufacturers are including voice cellular phone ringtones on most of their newly released phones, including Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson

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